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This is the area where we share some of our favourite work, whether it be an ongoing or recently complete project, then again, it might well be from some time ago. It showcases advertising such as posters, media advertisements, brochures, corporate logos, letterheads, business cards etc, graphic illustrations, photography, t-shirt design and web designs.

As well as being artists and designers, we’re logophiles and love to research entomology… although you’d immediately think a logophile as someone who loves logos and graphics, it’s actually someone who loves words; ‘portfolio’ definitely falls into that category.

Portfolio originates from the early 18th Century Italian word, portafogli, from portare ‘to carry’ and foglio ‘leaf’ (from the Latin word folium).

Within this gallery are a selection of the many illustrations we have been commissioned to create. As you can see, these cover a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from vector artwork made to look three-dimensional to complicated line drawings.

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