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Months of planning, designing and illustrating… and we’re finally going live!

Each illustration for the main sliding graphics has been painstakingly thought out, usually via surreal dreams and waking up at stupid o’clock to get them down as reality. At some point, we’ll talk through the thinking behind each one, but for the moment, we’d like to welcome you to our new-look website.


Vibrant ideas…

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Some time ago, I contacted Hampshire-based brewery, Vibrant Forest Brewery, in the hope I could redesign their logo and then do the same with all the brewery’s pump clips and bottle labels. Unfortunately, nothing came of it.

After a recent trip to Devon, we were hoping to call in on our return journey, only their website didn’t have an address or a phone number, so on our return, I emailed them asking how they ever did business (in a tongue-in-cheek way, I hasten to add).
Spookily, owner Kevin Robinson had been in touch with a designer who’d come up with a couple of label ideas and he asked for my valued opinion. That opinion wasn’t good at all, and I suggested I spend some time coming up with an idea that would work across his pump clip and bottle label range.

Soon after submitting my first designs, Kevin replied, “Well what can I say Ian? This is sheer class and I am now desperate to see if my other beers such as Wheatwave and Black Forest can fit in to the same pump clip template. You have some talent if you can knock this sort of quality in just 4 hours.”

Since then, I’m now working on the whole range of his ales, the majority of which will be added to the gallery very soon… there has even been talks of submitting them for a SIBA Best Range of Pump Clips award… here’s hoping I can win two!

Thumbnails of the designs are shown below, please click on any one to view the main image.

black forestblack oktoberVPA citra

Our Straightpoint® logo design becomes an official registered trademark!

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Having spent months and months trying to redesign the Straightpoint® logo, on October 27th 2011, I finally doodled an idea onto a piece of paper and got rather excited about it.

It was a relatively simple idea which took quite a bit of time to perfect and no sooner had I converted my doodle onto computer, I emailed the director of the company, David Ayling, with the idea. He loved it, and it wasn’t long before the whole identity was being developed throughout the company literature… new catalogues, data sheets, signage, stationery… you name it.

Anyway, the icing was finally put on the cake on February 13th this year… the Straightpoint® logo became an official trademark. We were all both relieved and delighted to hear the news.

straightpoint ®

SIBA Best range of pump clips award!

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Since we completed all of the pump clip designs for Irving & Co. Brewers Ltd, based in Portsmouth, Director and Brewer Malcolm Irving (pictured right), submitted the range into the SIBA Business Awards 2011.

On November 14th, we’d been invited to the Crowne Plaza in London to collect our award, although at the time, we knew we’d won something, just didn’t know what.

So, we now proudly hold the award for ‘Best Range of Pump Clips’ and collected it from Iain Loe of CAMRA, a representative of the sponsors of that category.

siba award
Photo © SIBA • Pictured L-R: Ian Gregory of IG Designs, Iain Loe of sponsors CAMRA, Malcolm Irving of Irving & Co. Brewers Ltd